I'm a seasoned professional having my roots in concept art for games. Over the years I branched out because the urge to follow my curiosity got the best of me. This led to learning about all the aspects of creating content, wether it´s concept art, 3d art, particle simulations, compositing for film and editing or rigging creatures.

I feel at home being a generalist since there is always something new to learn and routine is hardly possible. This trait of me has probably made me such a passionate teacher - being an autodidact myself and knowing about all the pitfalls and hardships that come with it. Working with students is a way to give back and guide and also, egoistically motivated, to cristalize concepts and find practical methodology in foundation training. So I actually benefit from this a lot.

I love working in small teams with likeminded creatives - beaurocratic hyrarchies and clinically streamlined working factories are not my cup of tea.

I'm the kind of artist that is happy sitting at home and working away without many distractions, so I'm very happy and thankful to be able to work that way most of the time, being surrounded by the beautiful Schwarzwald.

In my blogs you get to know more about me and my processes, so if you're curious get in touch by leaving a comment or contact me directly via mail.

For professional inquiries please write me a mail via the contact form or directly to info@boldheadstudio.com